• Ninnoc

    WINNER 2018 - Best Documentary
  • My Grandfather was a cherry tree

    WINNER 2018 - Best Animation

    WINNER 2018 - Best Experimental
  • Cubeman

    WINNER 2018 - Best Fiction
  • Schirkoa

    Special Mention
  • Champion

    Special Mention
  • Aquarius

    Special Mention
  • Objector

    Special Mention


MalatestaShort Film Festival invited producers and filmmakers to submit their films to its 2st edition that will be taking place from 12th March to 14th March 2018 in Cesena - Italy.

The winner of this edition are:

  • Best Animation: My Grandfather was a cherry tree - Olga & Tatiana Poliektova - Russian Federation
  • Best Fiction: CUBEMAN - Linda Dombrovszky - Hungary
  • Best Documentary: Ninnoc - Niki Padidar - Netherlands
  • Best Experimental: CLOUD KUMO - Yvonne Ng - United States

We present short films from all around the world competing in four categories:

Animation - Fiction - Experimental - Documentary

From March 12th to 14th, there will be three days of film screenings, meetings and award ceremonies at the Multisala Cinema Eliseo Cesena.

Film enthusiasts have the chance to discover new talents!


34 selected short films out of 564 coming from 55 countries.


Km 0 talents - “Film /Art”. Short film screening by local directors and interviews.????️


????Film exhibit “Cinema italiano d’oltre confine” in the Multisala Cinema Eliseo Cesena foyer.

????Shortino ????After Festival party at Zampanó????

═ ═ ═ MONDAY, MARCH 12th ═ ═ ═ 

 8.30 pm

???? Opening and presentation of the Festival

????️ ????️ Km 0 talents - “Film /Art: “Blumen” by Luca Berardi" and Roberta Bertozzi Calligraphie.
????️ Afterwards, film in competition screening ????️

11.30 pm
????Shortino ????After Festival party at Zampanó????

═ ═ ═ TUESDAY, MARCH 13th ═ ═ ═ 

8.30 pm
????️ ????️ Km 0 talents - “Film /Art”: "La Balena" by Giorgia Monti - autrice e Alessandro Quadretti. Voice over Giuseppe Viroli.
????️ Afterwards, film in competition screening ????️

11.30 pm
????Shortino ????After Festival party at Zampanó????

═ ═ ═ WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14th ═ ═ ═ 

8.30 pm
????️ ????️ Km 0 talents - “Film /Art: "Person A" - "Dictomia" - "Nowhere History" by Francesca Leoni and Davide Mastrangelo.
????️ Afterwards, film in competition screening ????️

???? Winner announcement ????

11.30 pm
????Shortino ????After Festival party at Zampanó????

See you in Cesena! #MSFF2018

Organized by MalatestaShort Film Festival and Multisala Cinema Eliseo Cesena

Official selection - 2018 - Categories in Competition 


Project Title Duration Country of Origin Language Country of Filming Genres Aspect Ratio Film Color Directors Writers Producers
My Grandfather was a cherry tree 00:12:30 Russian Federation Russian     16:9 Color Olga Poliektova, Tatiana Poliektova Tatiana Poliektova, Olga Poliektova, Konstantin Fedorov Pavel Smirnov
Under The Weather  00:14:14 United Kingdom   United Kingdom Comedy, Drama 16:9 Color Patrick O'Mahony  Patrick O'Mahony , Tom Rosenthal   
Schirkoa 00:13:31 India English India Drama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Dystopia, Retro-Futuristic 2:39:1 Color Ishan Shukla Ishan Shukla Sharad Varma
Dandelion 00:02:52 Italy   Italy   16:9 Color Elisa Talentino   Fondazione Dravelli
Mary & Marsha in the Manor of Madness 00:03:00 United States   United States LGBT, comedy, horror 2.35:1 Color Kris Theorin Kurtis Theorin  
Framed 00:07:00 Italy   Italy     Color Marco Jemolo Marco Jemolo,  Paola Savinelli Marco Jemolo, Nicoletta Cataldo, Grey Ladder, Eleonora Diana
H0_pe 02 00:09:29 Italy Italian Italy Animazione, Fantascienza, Steampunk 16:9 Color Francesco Bruno Sorrentino, Antonio Genovese Antonio Genovese, Francesco Bruno Sorrentino Stefano Incerti
COMPARTMENTS 00:15:00 Not Specified English   Drama 16:0 Color Daniella Koffler , Uli Seis Daniella Koffler Eitan Shefer
ALPHABET 00:05:55 Iran, Islamic Republic of   Iran, Islamic Republic of   16;9 Color kianoush abedi kianoush abedi kianoush abedi



Project Title Duration Country of Origin Language Country of Filming Genres Aspect Ratio Film Color Directors Writers Producers
ICE 00:15:00 Estonia Estonian Finland   scope Color Anna Hints Anna Hints Eero Talvistu , Olivier Berlemont, Emilie Dubois, Raoul Nadalet 
Bride of Frankie 00:18:48 United States English United States horror, dark comedy, LGBT, sci-fi 4:3 Black & White Devi Snively Devi Snively Agustin Fuentes, Devvyl I. Signe, Kara Kane
Touch 00:15:00 Canada English Canada  Drama 2.39:1 Color Noel Harris Noel Harris Mark O'Neill, Noel Harris
Sisak 00:15:00 India   India Romance, Drama, Silent, LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQI 16:9 Color Faraz Arif Ansari Faraz Arif Ansari Faraz Arif Ansari, Aparna Sud, Futterwacken Films
SPECK OF DUST 00:19:15 France French France   2:35 Color Léopold Kraus Léopold Kraus Philippe Wendling, Noël Fuzellier, Alicia Poirier N'Diaye
Champion 00:19:00 Sweden Other Sweden western   Color Måns Berthas Daniel Burman, Måns Berthas Måns Berthas, Daniel Burman
#selfie 00:07:00 Germany English Germany Comedy, Satire, Drama, Dramedy 16:9 Color David M. Lorenz David M. Lorenz FILMMENSCHEN Filmproduktionen
CAUTIONARY TALES 00:08:04 United Kingdom English   Drama 16:9 Color Chris Barrett, Luke Taylor Chris Barrett, Luke Taylor Medb Riordan
CUBEMAN 00:18:30 Hungary Hungarian Hungary Drama 2:35 Color Linda Dombrovszky György Somogyi CINEMART KFT, Ferenc Szohár
KRAMPUS 00:18:54 Germany     comedy, fantasy 1:2,35 Color Christof Pilsl Christian Weindl Lüthje Schneider , Florian Schneider, Maren Lüthje, Andreas Hörl
LACRIMOSA 00:18:27 Austria German Austria Drama 2.35:1 Color Tanja Mairitsch Tanja Mairitsch, Jörg Ihle Viktor Perdula, Klaus Schiebel, JewelLabs Pictures, Liquid Films Medienproduktions GmbH
NICOLE'S CAGE 00:15:00 Germany German     1:2,35 Color Josef Brandl Josef Brandl Rike Steyer
WRITTEN / UNWRITTEN 00:20:00 Romania Romanian     1:2:39 Color Adrian Silisteanu Claudia Silisteanu

Anamaria Antoci, Adrian Silisteanu



Project Title Duration Country of Origin Language Country of Filming Genres Aspect Ratio Film Color Directors Writers Producers
Beatrice 00:09:26 Italy   Italy   1:2.35 Color Lorena Alvarado Karen Oetling Chiara Codognotto Capuzzo 
Ninnoc 00:19:20 Netherlands Dutch Netherlands Children, Teen 16:9 Color Niki Padidar Niki Padidar Joost Seelen
Objector 00:16:00 United States Arabic, English, Hebrew Israel   16:9 Color Molly Stuart    
THE SAD MONK 00:11:23 Germany English Nepal     Color Diana Frankovic Diana Frankovic Diana Frankovic
The treasure 00:12:00 Spain         Color Nestor del Castllo, Marisa Lafuente Esteso Marisa Lafuente Néstor Del Castillo, Marisa Lafuente Esteso
Allafinfinfirifinfinfine 00:09:42 Italy Italian     16:9 Color Francesco D'Ascenzo Francesco D'Ascenzo Rosa Di Brigida


Project Title Duration Country of Origin Language Country of Filming Genres Aspect Ratio Film Color Directors Writers Producers
'A Room' 00:14:59 Hong Kong Chinese Hong Kong     Color Chong Ming    
Lucid dream 00:05:48 Italy   Italy     Color Davide Davide Bastolla Fabio Massimo Colasanti
CLOUD KUMO 00:14:46 United States   Japan Drama, Historical, Biography, War, Family 1:2,35 Color Yvonne Ng Yvonne Ng Natasha Soto, Tohru Mishima, Tomoko Nishizaki
FIRE WATER EARTH AIR AND TIME 00:03:50 Germany   Germany   16:9 Color Maria Reinhardt-Szyba Maria Reinhardt-Szyba Maria Reinhardt-Szyba
AQUARIUS 00:09:09 Russian Federation   Russian Federation Dance, Fantasy, Transcendental   Color Timo Zhalnin Timo Zhalnin Olga Mandrikova Lanceray, Fedor Kan
A mental Escape 00:02:15 Germany   Italy Drama, History 21:09; 4:3 Black & White and Color Thomas Kuhn Thomas Kuhn  

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