The first edition of the MalastestaShort Film Festival couldn't have happened without the precious help of our collaborators.

We'd like to thank them once again and credit them with what they've done for us.


Translators and subtitlers  (in brackets are the subtitled films)

Sonia Bacchi (subtitling project manager, proofreading, Frequency, I Do Not Hate You Death, Little Thing, The Department of Correction, The Salt Man)
Caterina Arzani (Urban)
Elisa Balboni (Salt of the Earth)
Greta Bezzini (The Complete Circle)
Ester Biasizzo (Modern day Slavery: What the World Doesn't Know)
Giulia Giorgini (PET)
Erica Granato (The Locksmith)
Serena Grementieri (Brez žice)
Cristina Mircea (Bread of Life)
Alessandra Orlo (Tonnerre de Brecht)
Guendalina Pirruccio (My deadly Beautiful City, Dreaming of Peggy Lee)
Francesco Rossini (All I Want, Le Distributeur)
Annarita Tranfici (Djinns, the Spirits of Patras, website translation: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese)


Festival presenter:

Andrea Pari

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